Non-Fiction Satanism
Explore the contemporary practice of theistic Satanism with Martin McGreggor's non-fiction works, including Paths to Satan, and Book of the Fallen.
Fiction Occult Horror
The ancient forests of Norway are full of secrets. Within their darkest recesses dwells an undead horror that has haunted this world for millennia. Martin McGreggor's fiction debut explores this fantasy of betrayal and blood.
Tabletop RPG Gaming
Wounds of Earth is an alternate reality tabletop roleplaying game set on Earth in a possibly not-so-distant future. Humanity has pushed the Earth too far, and finally, the Earth has pushed back. Noxious fumes and gasses blanket the planet, cities and governments have crumbled, and the future belongs to anyone brave enough to venture out of the protected cities and reclaim it.
Multiplayer Magical Combat
Arcane Savagery is a card based magical combat game for mobile and PC platforms. Players can choose their style of magic, collect spell scrolls to build their own book of shadows, and then pit those spells against their rivals in epic, visceral magical combat.
Project Spotlight
In this project spotlight I share a little bit more information about Wounds of Earth. Take a look at the monsters and creatures that inhabit the world, the classes that players can choose from, and the state of Earth after years of toxic fogs and rains.
Ravenous Creatures
Ravenous Creatures
Ravenous Creatures

Just as we made ourselves enemies of the Earth, the Earth made us enemies of ourselves. The effects of exposure to the Earth’s toxic atmosphere started off very minor. Skin irritation was the first symptom, and then people began to develop ticks and odd behaviors that they normally wouldn’t exhibit. Eventually, as the levels of toxicity rose and people were unable to find shelter from the noxious fogs and rains, madness started to slowly manifest. Nervousness, paranoia, belligerence, and then full-blown murderous aggression towards other Humans. Cravings for blood and raw flesh were common, to the point where sufferers would begin to pick at their own skin, ripping away chunks of flesh and eating them like gas station jerky. Scabby maniacs were soon running rampant through town after town, ravenously attacking people, and each other, on sight.

In the beginning, the Scabs were mindless and aggressive to any and everything, including other scabs. But as time went by and they learned that the freshest, tastiest meat was found on healthy Humans, they began to stop attacking each other, and started banding together to form packs of roaming cannibals, haunting the streets of every major city on Earth. And as the Scabs evolved and their behaviors were learned, people also began to track the sickness itself. Symptoms and conditions were cataloged, phases of the sickness were identified, and doctors began working on treatments. Unfortunately no real cure was ever discovered, but one thing was learned: the exposure could be reversed, as long as it was done before a certain phase of the condition. Essentially this meant that sporadic, temporary exposure to the atmosphere was manageable, so long as the subject wasn’t exposed for too long.

If a person did stay exposed to the atmosphere for too long, they would become what was called a Fresh Scab. Someone who was lost to the madness, but still looked relatively Human. While still viscous and cannibalistic, Fresh Scabs don’t exhibit the same abilities and strengths older Scabs have shown. But Scabs weren’t the only things lurking in the shadows. While most people sought refuge inside the Domes and behind the security forces housed within them, others formed their own communities and factions in city ruins and suburban ghost towns. The atmosphere even took its toll on plants and animals across the globe. Savage creatures began to surface soon after the gasses rolled in, and anyone venturing forth into the wilderness would be wise to keep an eye out for these mutations of nature.

  • Navigate a dangerous world of politics and faction tension as you explore the societies of the new world.
  • Fight your way through hordes of Scabs that inhabit every major ruin and city.
  • Discover and combat horrifying mutant creatures and animals throughout the wilderness.
  • Avoid treacherous gangs who prey upon any and all that they come across in their respective territories.
  • Keep out of the toxic miasma at all costs and avoid developing debilitating ticks and symptoms, or even full blown madness.

The world of Wounds of Earth is bleak one with few opportunities for comfort or respite. Inside the Domes are nests of violent, power-hungry factions who want nothing more than to control the Dome and all who inhabit it. Outside, in the ruins of civilization, gangs and bands of criminals roam the streets looking for unfortunate souls to prey upon. In the wilderness, macabre horrors can be found that will test the resolve of even the bravest warriors and adventurers. Eldritch scabs armed with the occult powers known to them in life haunt the nights of their undeath, and woe be to anyone unlucky enough to stumble upon them in the darkness.

Dangerous Allies
Dangerous Allies
Dangerous Allies
Wounds of Earth is a dystopian future filled with the types of personalities and characters that would thrive in that kind of environment. The professions and occupations that were performed before the mists rolled in didn’t just vanish, but almost everything about life and work was impacted. Given time and opportunity though, people will always adjust to the new reality of life, and this bleak new future is no exception. Beyond that, the mists also had the unexpected effect of amplifying some of Humankind’s abilities – physical, mental, and even spiritual. Powerful new abilities are being learned and mastered every day, and some of the most powerful organizations on the planet are formed around skills and professions that wouldn’t have even been possible prior to the fog rolling in.



Outdoorsmen are the descendants of the hunters and fishermen of the Midwest. Tracing their skills back generations to times when they used their abilities for sport and recreation, now they must be employed for sheer survival. These masters of the outdoors spend more time than any other profession out in the wilderness and fog, and thus, have developed many remedies and treatments to help themselves withstand the effects of the toxic environment. Unfortunately many Outdoorsmen walk a fine line between sanity and madness due to their exposure though, and often times they will exhibit far more ticks and triggers than the average person. Old school skills like tracking are invaluable to the Outdoorsmen, as well as learning the behaviors of mutant animals and how to hunt them. (Or avoid being hunted BY them.)





Cagefighters are the evolution of mixed martial arts fighters from days gone by. Because recreation and entertainment is so rare and hard to come by in the new world, cagefighters enjoy a kind of celebrity within the Domes and their outskirts that very few others can enjoy. But the arenas and stadiums that they once called home are a far cry from the reality of their existence in Wounds of Earth. Fights are more often than not to the death, and the crowds that surround their makeshift cages are made up of scoundrels, rejects, and criminals. Fortunes are made and lost ringside, but the fighters themselves make scarcely more than a pittance when weighed against the risk to their lives. Often times fighters are filled with bio-mechanical augments and it isn’t unheard of for fighters to be literally ripped limb from limb by an opponent.





Possessed are few in number, for good reason. The power these souls are able to conjure within themselves can be awe inspiring, but also incredibly taxing on both mind and body. Possessed are capable of becoming exactly that – completely possessed by a belief, or emotion, or even an outside spirit or Deity. These citizens can call up their possession at will, but often times cannot fully control when it ends. This results in an unpredictable wake of chaos that follows the possessed throughout their lives as their possessions take them to places that they didn’t fully intend. Pushed well beyond the limits of what normal Humans can do, Possessed regularly display feats of strength and skill that should be utterly impossible. But when the possession wears off and the body is left to contend with the consequences, it is often a very ugly sight indeed. Beyond the damage done to their bodies and minds, Possessed are also often ostricized by the rest of society due to their unpredictable nature and sometimes rightfully earned reputation for Satanism and Demon Worship.





Hackers are one of the most important professions in what remains of society. Not only do they install augments and bio-mechanical prosthesis, but they also repair and maintain them. Without a visit to a Hacker, even the best augment will eventually malfunction and become a liability to its owner. A malfunctioning augment could simply shut down, misfire in a random way that causes injury to the owner, or possibly even explode. Beyond augments, Hackers are also able to gain access to the digital systems that control daily life such as locking mechanisms, item dispensers, and personal information databases. The best of the best can even hack their way into the interlink between Dome communities in what is left of the internet – a 3D representation of file systems that users navigate through in virtual reality uplinks. Without a hacker in a party, some parts of the world and some types of information will be practically impossible to access.




Street Soldiers are the front line in the war against the Scabs and outskirt gangs plaguing cities everywhere. When the fog and toxic rains came in the cops and the gangsters, the bounty hunters and the drug dealers, they all found themselves side by side fighting an enemy far worse than they were used to. Literal wars raged within the major cities for generations as wave after wave of Scabs crashed against the unyielding ranks of the Street Soldiers year after year. Scores of people who once looked upon each other as enemies were made into compatriots and allies through a crucible of suffering and pain, forging alliances that have shaped the very fabric of life in the Domes. A seasoned Street Soldier can be an army unto themselves, able to obliterate scores of Scabs with an arsenal of weapons. All of that training and equipment comes at a cost however, as most Street Soldiers are obligated to serve their Dome and protect the territory surrounding it regardless of the risks, often times costing them their lives.

A World Under Siege
A World Under Siege
A World Under Siege

It didn’t take long for Humanity to discover that purifying the air would remove the toxins in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, that meant that open-air cities and communities were doomed. In their place sprang up underground bunkers, industrial buildings and complexes, and massive Dome cities – all of which housed sophisticated air filtration and purification systems. Moreover, most individuals would never leave home without their own personal respirators. But there had never been enough respirators for every single person, and there had never been enough room within the bunkers, and complexes, and Domes, for everyone. This lead to large scale riots and skirmishes at the entrances of these areas, as those unfortunate enough to get trapped out in the gasses fought tooth and nail to get inside of them.


In an effort to quell the uprisings, and keep the masses at their doorsteps from turning into hordes of ravenous Scabs,¬† many settlements came up with a system to cycle transients and outsiders into their Domes and bunkers for a set amount of time. This allowed the masses to avoid succumbing to the toxic fogs, and placated them enough to keep them from rioting and destroying the very safe havens they were trying to enter. Enforcing those systems and keeping the cycle moving was a challenge however, as many people simply didn’t want to leave the sanctuaries once they had entered them. And that is when most of the security forces became ruthless in their tactics. Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of their charge, as well as the desperation of the people they came into contact with every single day, the security forces quickly turned into savage judicators who preyed upon the transient populace without guilt or remorse.

Shanty towns and tent cities sprang up outside most major settlements as the displaced and homeless lined up in ques to enter the Domes for their allotted time. Inside these makeshift camps festered all manner of degenerate industries and machinations. Criminal gangs and black market merchants offering drugs, weapons, and augments. Terrorist cells and budding outsider factions. Throngs of dejected people on the doorstep of madness and becoming Scabs. The outskirt communities were not good places to be, if they could be avoided whatsoever.

This is the way life had gone on in the new world for generations. People shuffled to and fro under the watchful gaze of security forces, and got punished swiftly for the slightest indiscretion. Criminal factions vied for position within the tent cities and Domes, hoping to secure more space, more clean air, and more power for themselves. Dome and settlement rulers strained to keep everything under control and the city functioning with almost no resources and no outside help to speak of. A secret government lurked in the shadows behind it all, leaving precious few clues as to their identity or true purpose. Scabs roamed the ruins and countryside alike, setting upon any fresh meat that happened upon their path. And so it will continue until a group of strong, brave heroes finds a way to finally heal, The Wounds of Earth.


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My next event is Fright Festival (Now Dead Convention) 2021! Come see me in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 15th - 17th 2021 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center. The entire downtown of Fort Wayne becomes a zombie wonderland! Amongst the many events all over downtown is the massive zombie walk that flows directly into the Fright Festival Convention Hall. Join the thousands in full costume and makeup to take over the downtown area. Enjoy classic and cult films and performances, live bands and acts on outdoor stages downtown, bar crawls with spooky themed drinks, strolling street performers and so much more through out the downtown area.
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