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My name is Martin McGreggor, and I am a theistic Satanist, author, and game designer from St. Louis, Missouri. I have been a practicing dedicated Satanist since November of 2003 and I’ve written extensively on the subjects of Satanism, magic, meditation, and ritual. As of the creation of this website, I am in my mid-thirties, am married, and have two children. Most of my time is spent running a small independent candle mold company, writing, or working on one of my game designs. Beyond that, you can find me playing with my kids or enjoying a good video game if the time permits. I’m also a long-time Texas Hold’Em poker player and participate in as many large scale tournaments as I can.

My first publication was in the anthology My Name is Legion: For We Are Many compiled and edited by S. Connolly. Inside that work is a collection of origin stories from Satanists, occultists, and LHP practitioners from all over the world. For that project I provided a detailed account of my own personal dedication ritual, as well as what led up to it and how I came to become a Satanist.

Around the same time Legion was being compiled and prepared, I also began to blog for Demonolatry.org on a monthly basis. While it has been quite some time since I’ve actively posted there, I have really enjoyed the experience and am extremely appreciative of the opportunity I was given to reach a much wider audience than I would have on my own. Demonolatry.org is still an amazing resource for insightful and inspirational blog posts, classes and lessons on many things magical, as well as supplies that you may need for your practice. Check them out!

Pen Draft

You might be surprised to learn that I still write all of my first drafts in a notebook with a pen. While it would certainly be a lot easier in the long run to start typing from the very beginning, for me there is no substitute for being able to arrange my initial thoughts on paper.

Typed Revision

After the first draft has been put down on paper, I begin the editing and revising process by typing it up. Having to type the manuscript up forces me to go back through the entire thing again, and gives me an opportunity to codify everything together into its final presentation.

After blogging for several months and gaining encouragement from the publication of my story in Legion, I decided to write my first non-fiction work, Paths to Satan: A Guide to Contemporary Satanism. While there were books devoted to picking up the practice of Satanism, and certainly many online sources, there weren’t many options available for Satanists and occultists to help them explain their beliefs to family and friends. So, as opposed to most occult books, Paths was actually written for the uninitiated, non-practitioner. Paths explores Satanic beliefs while attempting to be as approachable and digestible as possible, particularly for an audience that may not really have much interest in Satanism. This did however, disappoint readers who were looking for more of an insider’s guide to Satanism.

Thus, Book of the Fallen: Satanic Theory, Ethics, and Practice was imagined. A Satanic introductory title that seeks to bridge the gap between theistic and atheistic practice. While Fallen doesn’t rely upon a theistic belief system in order to build upon its ethical and theoretical foundation, it does still strive to capture the inspiration and direction that theistic philosophy offers. Rather than seeking to associate Satan with various Gods and Deities from the past, and thereby legitimize Satanic practice through historical precedent, it was my goal to accept and acknowledge what Satan is and has become in our modern era, and then let that be the basis for what a Satanic practice should be.

Just as the title implies, Fallen is broken down into three distinct sections. The first section establishes the foundational Satanic theory, which helps conceptualize the implications of employing Satanic principles to ethical decision making. Finally, the practical section explores the creation of a personal Satanic practice and provides insight into meditation, ritual, magic, and more. Paths to Satan is available from many online retailers in both paperbook and e-book formats. Book of the Fallen is also available primarily through online sources, but it is offered in paperback and hardcover.

4th quarter 2020 will hopefully see the release of my first fiction work, an occult horror story set in the deep forests of Norway. Following Grayson Vakt during a return to his ancestral home, it is a suspenseful tale of betrayal and blood. Look for it in paperback and e-book.



I also have two gaming projects that are currently under way. Wounds of Earth is a alternate reality tabletop roleplaying game, set on Earth in a possibly not-so-distant future. Arcane Savagery is my first video game project – a visceral magical combat game that pits players against both AI and Human opponents as they seek to become the most powerful magic wielder on Earth – The Archmage. Arcane Savagery will be released on both PC and mobile platforms.

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